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Just put a deposit on a 2017 Canyon crew cab 4WD SLE

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I am big fan of 4 cylinder diesels and have been looking for a more "creature comfort" friendly daily driver. I have a diesel Land Rover Defender and a converted V8 to diesel Land Rover Discovery but both of them are much more off road examples I would never take on a cross country family drive.

I think I got a pretty good deal at $33,600 (no trade in and no dealer financing) as it is a pretty well optioned model. MSRP was a tad over $41,000.

This is my first diesel that uses DEF and this is peculiar to me. Anyone have any advice?

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Welcome. Post pics (;

The def thing is pretty easy. I have 5600 miles on mine and my def level is at 26%, never been to the dealer so it hasn't been topped off. Assuming you started with a full def tank, it will last a while.

The regens are nearly transparent to the driver. You may notice higher idle and lower mpg when it's doing a regen. If you park it during a regen it's stinky. I've never had a warning on my display, either. It just works how it's supposed to.
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Here Is a pic from the dealer website. I can't pick it up until Wednesday as they are so busy and can't due dealer prep before then.
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Rockcrawlerdude, I noticed you did a 2" inch lift. Can you discuss that a bit and perhaps post pic?
So as not to hijack your thread, please check out my introduction thread. I cover my lift in detail :)
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