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I have 2016 Colorado Z71 4x4 Laser Blue. It has side steps and a Leer cap on the bed. The 2.8 Diesel is awesome. I get a combination mileage of 23.4 to 24.6 and my highway mileage is 27.5 to 30.1. But I only get 30.1 if I keep my speed down to 65 to70. It's kind of hard to do that, on long trips especially, when some states going from Michigan to Seattle Wa. are 80 mph speed limit.
Let's talk about the diesel noise factor, there's really nothing to talk about. That's norm for a diesel but it's a lot quieter than the old diesel motors. I like the noise because it makes me feel like I'm driving a big truck.
I have 2 things to complain about. 1st The turn signal arrow for left is in a bad position, the needle for the tack covers it up at normal speeds. Owe well.....2nd The knob that changes your the truck from 2 wheel to 4 wheel is either to easy to turn or in the wrong place. Because some time when I'm getting out of my truck my knee brushes it and turns it into 4 wheel drive. The knob is not very visible where it's at, so when I get in and drive again and make a turn you know it's in 4 wheel drive. So I got this truck in Oct. of last year and 9 months later I have 28,000 miles on it. I LOVE MY COLORADO TRUCK and if I can figure how to put a picture up I could show it to you. I'M SMILING !!!!!!!!!!
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Pics or nobody will believe you

Just kidding. welcome to the forum

But seriously... pics.

(Click upload a file)
Love that color! Let's trade.
I've never noticed that arrow is in a bad place. Although, my wife has told me that if you leave your turn signal on for an extended period of time, the truck will ding at you and tell you your turn signal is still on.

Love that color by the way. They make the half ton GMC's in that color and I really wished we could have got our Canyon in that color, but no luck =(
Nice! I'm also in love with the blue... tried for weeks to find one when I was ready to buy, no one had the Z71 diesel in that color and I couldn't wait for a special order.
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