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Lift Pump

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Any knowledge of lift pump issues with the mini max?

Is there a need to do a F.A.S.S. after market lift pump?

Is anyone monitoring fuel pressures to the inlet of the injection pump?
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No issues that I have seen yet or aftermarket available yet. I know that they have an injection pump and in tank pump, no factory lift pump, but so far no one has had issues with fueling with stock for performance that is.
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I know this is a few months old but I'm wondering if anyone has done a fass system yet? And if so what one are you using, how many gph?
There's no need for a lift pump on these, stock flows plenty even for the guys with the twin kit
I was more concerned with water and air separation. I hear a lot of guys run this to keep there fuel a lot cleaner on the bigger trucks.
A diesel mechanic told me that if you had clear fuel lines, the diesel running through them would look like sprite, full of air bubbles
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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