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God day folks,

Northern canadian here and today I experienced something really weird.

I've had my little diesel for over a month now, and recently weve been getting some -20c temperatures. I can plug in at work, but not where I'm living, it sucks. Now I dont like cold starts and this little gem has been amazing so far, but today shes running rough and it's got me worried, even after engine temp reached 113f.

It hasn't done this before and theres no warning bells going off. Oil pressure was lower than I'd seen, 104kpa / 15psi at idle then finally increasing to 25psi at 1000rpm, which I guess is normal?

Maybe it could be fuel related so I've added kleenFlo anti gel conditioner in case. I checked the oil, and its nicely diesel black and within range. Going to book an appointment for a fluid change tomorrow if I can get her in.

It's really uncharacteristic! The only difference is that we got a good dump of fluffy snow and driving in that is the only change.

Maybe I'm over reacting, but it's not the norm. Where I've got healthy pressures and know I've got oil I'll let it idle for awhile to make sure the fuel conditioner makes it's way through and the DEF tank thaws out lots enough, in case that's something.

Any info would be AMAZING!
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