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Hello, I have a 2016 Colorado Diesel with 157,000 on it. About a week ago a check engine light came on and popped up the following codes:

P227D Barometric Pressure Sensor “C” Circuit High
P227B Barometric Pressure Sensor “C” Circuit Range/Performance
P2199 Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1/2 Correlation

From all the research I did I concluded that it was a bad MAP Sensor. I took it out today and the cone of it was caked solid with a carbon substance. I changed it out with the new one, cleared the codes and drove it out and about.

Halfway to my destination my Engine break quit working again and ugh I knew something was wrong again. I hooked up my spade programmer to get the DTC's and yep the same codes are back as before I changed out the MAP Sensor.

Now I tow a travel trailer with this truck and soon I will have to pick it up from the dealer and I'm just scrambling to figure it out because I obviously can't tow with this truck when tow/haul won't stay on!

And the other thing I was wondering is if this has to have a HARD reset from the dealer because of these codes. I even tried to do something similar today by unhooking the battery while I changed out the sensor and as soon as I unhooked the battery I held the positive and negative terminals together to clear the modules.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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