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My 2.8 Colorado build with simple modifications

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So I got my Colorado 2.8L 4x2 pickup last Feb 2017. It will primarily serve as my daily driver and shop truck for my shop, Profab. I live in the philippines so my Colorado has slight differences from the US market ones (mine is pretty much similar to Australian/Brazilian ones). Another thing I noticed is mine has no DPF nor 02 sensors. The truck is factory rated at 200 hp and 500 N-m / ~350 ft-lbs of torque.

After about 500kms, I started playing around with the tune via HP Tuners but of course was still conservative about everything since I didn't want to ruin this on just 500++kms. With the tune set, I was able to burn the tires at will on 1st gear and a bit on 2nd gear so I knew I had to upgrade the wheels and tires (stock was 16inch wheels) so I put on 18 inch Rays Gram Lights 57JX-6 wheels from Japan. Here's what it looked like:

After putting on the wheels, I decided to put in on the dyno with only the ECU and TCM tune and compare it without the tune to see my net gains since I have a couple of hours left after tuning 2 cars that day. Here are the results from that dyno session:

All stock, the car made 180 rwhp and 356 ft-lbs of torque at 1.1bar / 16 psi of boost. With the tune I did on the street, It made 215 rwhp and 418 ft-lbs of torque at 1.45 bar / 21 psi. At one pull I tried to do a 1.6 bar but the stock intercooler piping popped so that's a next mod along with an exhaust system in the future. I thought this should be enough since at this point the odometer was still less than 1000kms.

Another 2000++ kms later, I inspected the intercooler pipes were a bit wet with oil. So before upgrading them, me and my shop partner fabricated a simple oil catch tank with a simple baffle to minimize this.

Im at 4100 kms as of last night and will look into the tank by next week to see how effective or not it works.

I plan on doing intake, intercooler and exhaust upgrades as well as putting an AEM water/meth system to see how much I could push the stock turbo+engine+fuel system combo to keep it as reliable as I can. Unfortunately, shop/work hours dictate that I / we couldn't give much attention to this car but hopefully soon I'll be able to do all of these within 2-3 days and do some dyno tuning again.

I'll update this thread soon after a couple of mods and hopefully with dyno graphs along the way

PS: Sorry for the watermarks on some of the pics. I recycled them through our fb page and didn't keep the original ones
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Very cool. Very professional fabrication. You could probably sell those pretty easily.
What king of mpg do you get with out the emissions stuff ? It has to be better than our US models with all of that stuff. We get great mpg's but I bet you get better.

Nicely modified truck. I also did a catch can after finding oil in my turbo.
I really like that body style. It looks much more aerodynamic and should increase mpg's by a mile or two.
Interested in this guys findings. Stock without the emissions BS would be ideal, and what Im sure most of us will go for eventually. @Profab Chino , any update?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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