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MyLink auto-dim

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Hey Everybody,

Has anybody else had issues with auto dimming of the mylink/stereo not working automatically?

It has worked a handful of times, but usually to get it to dim, I just have to barely move the dimming scroll wheel to the left of steering wheel. Usually I just scroll it down a hair and then right back to where it was and the viola! The display is dimmed.

My truck is a 2017 CCLB z71 with navigation and I have played with the settings a little bit with no luck. Thoughts?
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It's super aggravating. Mine automatically changes, but never to an appropriate brightness. I just barely touch the rheostat as you mentioned and it will make quite a big adjustment
Never had an issue with ours that I can think of.
Thanks for the responses! I might swing by the stealership to see about a software update or anything on my way home from work today.
Let us know man
I have the same issue, my truck goes in for service on Friday and I've requested that the ECM TCM BCM and Radio software all be updated to the most recent version - we'll see how that goes...
I shudder at the thought of a dealership touching my truck again lol
Just a thought, how many that are seeing issues have tinted windows? I have rarely driven the truck at night so I really haven't noticed it much It does seem that recently it was pretty dark and I found myself adjusting the dimmer.
Just a thought, how many that are seeing issues have tinted windows? I have rarely driven the truck at night so I really haven't noticed it much It does seem that recently it was pretty dark and I found myself adjusting the dimmer.
No windshield tint yet
No tint on mine either.

So I stopped by the dealership and they don't have a software update for the Mylink. I also asked about an update for the tcu for the lagging shifts without going the tune route - no dice either.

I will tune eventually... the wallet just currently doesn't support it. :(

In other news! The dealership I stopped at had a brand-spankin-new ZR2! (gasser - not as cool) So naturally I had to check it out and find out what might be involved for a conversion.:cool:

Here is what I have found that isn't easily found on the interwebs:
- It has a true skidplate that covers full engine and tranny and extends past t-case. Very impressive one at that considering its OEM.
- The ZR2 rims have a neat brushed nickle outer trim that is hard to see in pictures and isn't as obnoxious as the orange concept wheels. Although I like obnoxious orange things:p
- The all-leather seats are waaayyyy more comfy than the Z71 seats IMO
- The front end has a completely different bumper that is also connected (read one piece) with the grill. As for the body-color pieces just below the headlights, those are now two facia pieces that connect separately. What this means is we can finally get some cool looking bumpers without cutting up our shiney, new oem ones!
- Obviously the multimatic shocks and hood bulge (not functional at all)
- I inquired about getting the lockers through the parts counter and they aren't available yet. They also don't indicate if it's a completely different rear housing or axles or any of that good info quite yet. But they do have the complete axle assembly for $2800 - not as bad as I expected honestly. But that doesn't include the control module or switches or the front locker either…
- As for the front locker - no info and it's too buttoned up to see.
- And no lockers would be complete without nifty switches! The picture is how GM decided to mount them:

- And while we’re in the interior, they also decided to stick a super cool wireless charging dock for phones and whatnot. Idk if this is an option that I just overlooked.
- The sliders they come with appear as though they just bolt to the rocker panels rather than the frame. I didn’t look too closely and wish I had because once I got home, I crawled under my truck and was looking closely as to where I could build sliders and bolt directly onto the frame. There are holes, but the rest of the frame is boxed all the way around. I need to play detective some more.

Anyways, I know this is way off topic so I’ll also post it in another section too. Hope this helps answer any of the questions you had about the new zr2!


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If you have a z71 then you have a g80 rear locker. You can confirm this on your glovebox sticker (g80) or you can just spin your tires in your front yard lol
I know I've got the G80, but it's not the same as an e-locker. Especially since the ZR2's got em in the front too!

If the aftermarket keeps building for these trucks, I may just have to get me some ARB air lockers. Plus a super neat air compressor so I can air down for more shennanigans! :D
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Dang it will be a long time before I wheel this truck hard enough that 4wd and a rear locker won't get the job done. More power to you, man. Wheel that thing.
The wireless charging pad is standard in the Canyon Denali.
the track is I think like 3" wider than ours so it has a totally different rear end and I assume the front shafts would be as well. 2" lift compared to normal trucks. Hit youTube I just watched a couple of very thorough videos on the truck. The rock rails are mounted to the body, but also in the videos they cover that and the fact that they are still very solid. I could never justify buying one, but it's a damn nice truck if you are someone who gets off road.
im 2" wider just by having different wheels. Doesn't need different running gear

If you're going to bang up a truck you could build a way better off-roader for a fraction of the price.

The zr2 is a total niche gimmick truck. Forgive me. I said it. It's the truth.
If it wasn't so damn ugly and cost so much I wouldn't hate it so bad. The only thing uglier is the trail boss, in my humble opinion

The raptor is gorgeous and all the wanna be trucks just are hideous like the rebel.
Back to the question...never noticed my display being bright at night, and I commute home 34 miles in the dark. I would suspect that it's a very small adjustment on that .50 GM control that lowers it from daytime to a more reasonable setting. But I like my dash lights low anyway! As for the ZR2, at 48k vs the 45k for what I have, what's the real $ difference? That truck is badass!
No dimming issues on mine.

"I can neither confirm nor deny" that I may be way over the legal limit on window tinting... Including a front window strip. :cool:
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