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I've just recently started having issues with the infotainment unit, its constantly switching between reverse camera and normal ops as soon as ignition is turned on, and when its stuck in reverse cam mode the menu/Radio/home etc. buttons don't work and i'm not able to exit it

-Update. I had recently changed basically every bulb on the truck to LED's with syper led tail lights. the screen just now only goes to reverse cam when I press the brake pedal. I started unplugging each tail light, license plate bulb one by one, and still no change. I finally decided to plug everything back in and unplug the rearview camera, and now everything works except the obvious rearview when reverse is selected. Truck is booked in on tues and hopefully is a **** camera and not the entire harness or module.

-Update 2.0. Took it to the dealer, and basically had to troubleshoot it for them, they wanted to swap back the OEM tail lights b/c the computer was throwing "voltage" codes for the reverse lights. The service guy then told me they would have to charge me to swap my OEM lights back in, then I told the guy I could swap them back out for free in the parking lot... I decided dealing with the dealer was a waste of time, I kinda figured that was going to be the case going into it. I took the truck to work and used shop air to blow out the connectors and Voila. Problem solved. I feel like an idiot for not doing it when I started unplugging everything. Realized the Connector on the led tails side isn't a water resistant plug either and that's where the problem was. and FYI GM put those connectors in a retarded spot
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