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Hi guys just wanted to show off my new baby.
I picked up a 21 ZR2 Duramax last week and I am absolutely in love with this truck. I was shopping between a Tacoma TRD pro, a Ranger Fx4 and this truck. After research and driving all of them, the ford and yota can't touch the capability of this truck off the show room floor.

I've been steady averaging 23 mpg combined city and highway, and easily in the upper 20's while crusing on the highway. The ride is incredible onroad and off, the body feels controlled and I'll argue these duratracs are the only weak point to on road handling, as the chassis feels like it will far out handle the tires.

Before this truck I've owned a 03 F150, 97 F250 powerstroke, 05 Silverado 1500, and just came out of a 05 LLY. Not new to the truck game or diesels, but im very excited about this truck and glad to be a part of the forum!

Couldn't resist getting her dirty the first weekend i had with her.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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