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HI everyone my name is randy. I just bought my, still new, 2016 Colorado Duramax crew cab long bed trail boss edition. It is black and will post pictures of it soon. It has all the options, running boards, sport bar with led lights, the goodyear tires etc... I am active duty army for the last 10 years. This is my first diesel and look forward to being part of the community. Has anyone got the AFE charge pipes yet? Thoughts? or AFE cold air intakes? I hear the tuners so far are pretty good as well. I am looking to start with easy bolt ons for the time being cause i do enjoy my warranty. lol. Another questions, typically how many mile you guys get on a tank of DEF? Thanks for everything in advance guys.


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Welcome. And I don't know about charge pipes, but mrbones on here has an AFE straight pipe from the turbo back. I think it is under General Discussion. And I'm not sure if anyone has one of their cold air intakes yet, I was looking at them myself. I posted in Accessories about them and which one would be best.
welcome just picked one up myself. IMOP the charge pipes, and after DPF exhaust systems are a nice way to separate you from your money. For the charge pipes, I'm sure at some point they would be an improvement, but at stock levels I can't imagine much of a performance gain. For the price of the charge pipes you could be most of the way toward a tuner, and that is where you will see real performance per dollar returns.
I have nearly 5,000 miles on my truck and the def still reads "ok" never been in the dealer so it wasn't topped off.
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