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First don't misunderstand me, I do like my 2017 Z71 4x4 diesel, it's a kick to drive and provides at a minimum what I wanted in this type of vehicle.

I will however throw out my concerns which are longevity. Yes diesel engines have a legendary reputation for longevity and I believe the mechanical components of this engine will have a good run HOWEVER it is the massively overwhelming amount of electronics on this truck controlling every aspect of it's very being that worry me. As-is I suspect the only thing on this truck without an electrical/electronic string attached are the license plate screws (and I'm not so sure about them).

Since most electronic components do not profess a proud 15-20 or more year life span, and after market support quickly fades because the manufacturing and design the electronic components changes so rapidly I already wonder just what the real lifespan of this vehicle will be. :(

So my main purpose in becoming a forum member is to read and share what happens with this truck for better or worse to myself and other owners and follow the yet to be established 'new-age' diesel reliability.

The adventure begins...
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