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New Z71 Owner (Kentucky)

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Hey guys. Just picked up a 2017 graphite metallic Colorado Z71 with the 2.8 duramax over the weekend. Came with spray in bed liner and Bose system. Traded in my 2013 F150 STX 5.0. So far I'm loving the truck. Should go nicely with my 6.5x12 trailer towing two bikes to track day to NCM and Deals Gap trips I take.
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I had the windows tinted Saturday 45 minutes after picking it up (riding buddy owns a tint shop, so he got me in). Currently on order are GM mud flaps, GM off road running boards, bug and rain guards, weathertech floor liners, S&B intake and Mighty Mouse Catch Can.

Future plans include aftermarket intercooler tubbing and after the warranty goes out five years from now, a full delete with smokeless tune.
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Glad you made it over here. As I said when we chatted before, I love that color.
welcome, truck looks great. And nice bikes.
Like that color too. I was just on Facebook and scrolling through the 2.8 LWN Duramax owners page and then got on here and saw this post and I was like.....I think I just saw that exact truck on there too :) Glad you like it though. Nice bikes too btw.
Thanks! Yeah the color is a pretty cools color. Depending on the lighting it looks like different colors.

Glad to be part of the forums and the Facebook page I joined. It's good to be part of a community that shares experience/advice and can help with issues that may arise.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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