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Well just found this site, so I had to join. I bought my truck back in June of 2016 with 36 miles on it. Now it has 23k. I don't drive it in the winter because I plan on keeping it until it dies and would rather the Ohio winters not kill it. So far the only "mods" I have completed are taking off the chrome steps and valance as well as adding a tonneau cover and installing some used Weathertechs. My plans are once the warranty is up is tuning and possibly deleting if deleting will actually benefit the longevity and efficiency of the truck. Currently the only impressive thing I have done with the truck is towed a few of my junky vehicles around (about 5500lbs) and got 18.5mpg while doing it. All freeway, but very impressed.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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