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Picked up July 21st

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Was able to pick up close to what I would have ordered on the dealer lot with some of the accessory options that I would have ordered as well. Came with the tube steps, the fender flares, the spray in bedliner, and the Black Bowties. Could have purchased most cheaper separately, but was already included and discounted since I get a GM Discount. I am getting the floor mats this week, and looking for a tonneau cover, but haven't ordered yet. Trying to decide between hard or soft folding cover still. View attachment 153 View attachment 161
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Congrats on a sharp ride. I bought mine July 15.
I'm already over 1000 miles, as I bought it to be my daily driver and I have a 150 mile round trip for work each day. Overall average of 29 MPG, so I'm quite happy so far.
I actually ended up buying 3 new GM vehicles within a weeks time, bought a new Equinox on the 15th of July, then found out there was an additional $1500 incentive for having an Equinox in the household, so I started looking at the Colorado that I have been wanting to get, then the dealer told me the diesel one on the lot had the Dealer Tag money on it for additional money off, so that was all the extra incentive I needed to go along with with my discount price to pick it up. I also ended up picking up a new Cruze for my son to take to college since it was a good lease rate and also able to get the extra dealer tag money on that car along with the Equinox in the household incentive.

I like the Colorado the best of the 3 new vehicles, but also still have my 2000 2500HD Chevy to take care of the heavy tasks + it has an 8ft bed when I need a bigger bed on a truck.
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I like mine so far but only have about 600 miles on it. It will go up fast as its my daily driver also.
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