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Ok, the more I read the more convinced I should just go pick up a 6-banger rather than get the MiniMax that I've been drooling over since I discovered seems that you either have minimal problems and max out around 60,000 miles before trading it in, or you hope and pray you can hand the keys back to the dealer after 10,000 problematic miles...

My question is this...for those with both good and bad experiences, what was your driving like?

Do more have problems if they're short trips vs all longer trip/run times? Is idle time a factor in any of it? Does towing help/hurt any of the emissions related issues?

My situation: I am a remodeling contractor and have a few trailers (nothing over 6k# on a normal basis). The truck on paper seems perfect and I love the look, but the problems and lack of many with over 60,000 miles concerns me a bit. I'm known to keep most of my vehicles to 200,000...

I get it...delete and tune blah blah blah...I'm not into it...I want to get in the $40k truck and drive it as I got it off the parking lot.
I have 67,000 on my 2016 Colorado Duramax CCSB Z71 Trail Boss. I had an actuator go bad on the transfer case, which my extended warranty covered for $100. That's it besides oil changes and such.
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