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Hey there, this afternoon while driving on the highway I noticed loss of power and I thought I heard a “poof” I pulled over and saw that the turbo charge hose came undone, I connected it back and continue driving, but I got the message of “continue driving…” I have the Autel Bluetooth and I read several codes
P2627-00, P22B6-00, P2463-00 which appeared last.
This happened while I am aprox 800 miles from home!
I tried to perform a service regen, but no luck. I read someone replaced an exhaust sensor, that could be my issue but I need to find which one is the defective.
Until now no emission related problem
Btw it is a 2018 with 42k stock.
Thanks in advance,

after giving it another try, I was able to do the regen, and it ran ok.
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