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Finally have my 2016 LT CC LB gremlins sorted out. Really enjoy driving it. However I did miss having an 8' bed. Looked at a bunch of Camper Shells and pulled the trigger on a RSI EVOc. It's a commercial cap made out of a 400 series grade of Stainless Steel (so it's actually magnetic). It comes shipped in two big boxes and takes a couple of hrs to assemble.
I've had it about a month sofar an am quite happy with it.
Positives: Strong, Rated 770 lbs dynamic and 330 static roof loads.
Has roof top attachment rails.
Gull wing doors on sides really provide great access.
Positive Ventilation keeps it fresh, cool and dry inside.
Magnetic, love using magnets to hold tools, lights ect to the interior.
Negatives: Only one so far, has 2 locks on each door, they are manual key locks with no automatic option. I use mine for work, not to camp in but if one were to camp in it I see no way of operating the latches or locks from inside. RSI says they are working on a fix.
I put a used AluRack on top of the Smart cap and can easily load my Hobie 14' Pro Angler and the wife's Hobie 12' Compass kayaks on top at the same time. The RSI EVOc cost $3199. Ordered it online on Saturday and it was delivered free to nearby dealer on the next Wednesday.
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