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I have to be honest, when I read about some of the problems some of you have had, it scares the crap out of me. I bought this truck to drive for the next 20 years! I am a Chevy guy through and through! I wanted this truck for 2 years before it every came out. I was the first one that ordered and received one that I know of (received March 2016). I now have almost 60k on my 2016 Z71 Diesel and no real issues (a couple in the first year that were taken care of under warrany and with a nice loner). Well last week really had me thinking "oh ****, now it is happening to me!".

On the way home from work it had just rained real hard and the streets were pretty wet (I live in Arizona but it does rain here every once in a while). I hit a big puddle at about 30mph about 5 min from my house. As I pulled into my driveway, I could tell that it was running weird when it was idling. I pulled into the garage and thought it was going to die... idling real low and rough. The truck was shaking like I had a big cam or something! Then it popped a couple times (not real load but kind of like pop corn). I turned the truck off and figured it was just wet so I opened up the hood and let it sit till morning to dry out. Also I checked the air filter and found just a small amount of water at the bottom but the filter was not wet.

Next morning I crossing my fingers that it would be back to normal. Nope, it was scarry driving to work... thought I was going to die at the stop lights or along the freeway a couple times (stop and go traffic). When I got to work we tried to figure out where the heck the noises were coming from but really could not diagnose anything.

I figured it was a bright sunny 70 degree day so it would dry out by the time I left for work. Nope, still running weird. Then I switched my Duramax Tuner switch to 2 from 1. Instantly, it was fixed!!! I drove it in 2 for a couple days, then on 3, then on 4. Each day it drove perfect. Then about the 3rd day I switched it back to 1 to see if the code for 1 was just somehow messed up. Nope, it ran perfect again. WEIRD!

Just wanted to share this because I still don't fully understand what the hell happened but maybe some of you have experiences something like this.
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