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Short Guide to Chevy Colorado Headlights

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Your automotive headlights are much more than just an essential safety feature. Along with their primary job and function of providing clear visibility at night and in poor weather conditions, your headlights are a perfect room for your custom projects. However, not all headlights are built the same. That’s why before replacing or customizing your front lights, we recommend you to read this short buyer’s guide to Chevrolet Colorado headlights.

Types of headlights
When you’re in the market for new headlights, you have two main options, including replacement and custom headlights.

1. Replacement headlights
Replacement headlights are either fabricated by the original manufacturer (the same headlights your vehicle came with from the factory) or by an independent manufacturer (aftermarket replicas) to copy the look of your original lights. While both types of headlights look alike at first sight, they can differ in quality and performance. Thus, factory OEM replacement headlights provide the same quality, functionality, and performance as your stock lights, whereas aftermarket replicas can be manufactured from lower quality materials to cut production expenses. But whichever one you choose, we recommend you to replace both headlights at the same time, even if only one needs replacement. The reason is headlight lenses that can collect minor scratches and fade under the sun.

2. Custom headlights
These are all aftermarket headlights designed to enhance the look and performance of your lights. Among them, you’ll find:
  • halogen headlights
They have been the most common and popular type of headlights for many decades. Halogen lights are affordable and cover all the basic needs of an average driver.
  • HID headlights
Also called xenon lights, HID headlights are extremely powerful and bright, providing impressive performance under any conditions. On the other side of the coin, they are expensive to manufacture, which dramatically increases their cost compared to halogen lights.
  • LED headlights
LED headlights are probably some of the best headlights for Chevy Colorado that money can buy. They are bright, stylish, and last a lifetime, as well as super energy-efficient, consuming much less energy than any other headlights. The only con is their relatively high cost, which, however, reduces as LED technology evolves.

Looking for top-quality replacement or custom headlights for your Chevy? Truck and Gear has you covered with a vast selection of automotive headlights at market-best prices.
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