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I purchased two sets of these new and installed one of them on my Truck. Super easy to install and they look great. Why two sets. Well, I bent the brackets on the first set trying to do some off-roading that was not advisable. By the time the 2nd set arrived, I got lazy and just left the first set on. They looked fine, but the driver's side front step was bent up a little. I honestly just got used to it and never swapped out the bent ones for the news ones. So I have a brand new set of these in the original box on the floor in my garage and I'd like to reclaim that space. Several off-road friends mentioned, and I realized that the type of off-roading I was starting to enjoy involved a lot of rocks and that I would be better off getting some real rock sliders. So The Truck Shop in San Diego hooked me up with a killer custom set of rock crawling sliders welded to my frame. I could pick my truck up with these new ones but they were 3x the price of these steps.

So, if you're not doing major rock crawling and you're looking for some sweet steps I'm letting them go for $250 ( these are $394 plus tax). They are brand new, still in the unopened box with the factory straps on the box.

If you're near San Diego, I'm in North County Coastal you can pick them up, if you're not local and want them shipped, I can arrange that since I ship big stuff from my company, but you'll have to pay the freight (probably around $75 or $100 depending on address).

I can get quotes from USP & FedEx based on your address or an estimate with your zip code and we can go from there. If you have a FedEX or UPS account I can ship using your account # as well. Happy to help get them to you and recover my garage space.

These are the specs from my invoice when I purchased them:
  • Magnum RT Step Bars
  • Color/Style - Black
  • Vehicle - 2017 GMC Canyon
  • Submodel - Crew cab
  • AutoAnything - SKU4166782
  • Part Number - RTS25CH
Click here to see what the new ones look like. The used set I have shown in the photos has been sold already.

Here's what I have:

Notice the bend in the image above. It's not horrible, but it's far from new:


Here's my truck with the used set of steps on from last year (they are bent in this image).


? Here's what they look like when new, straight, and clean: ? - I'm not stealing that ATM. I'm in the Biz.


Here's what the custom made ones look like. Got them a little dirty first time out. Oh well, no one can say I have a mall crawler. ?


They also added a custom nameplate that says "Turbo Diesel" cut out in brushed aluminum on the top of each slider.


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The used set has been sold. If anyone is looking for a brand new set of Magnum RT Steps, still in an unopened box with everything. You'll save at least $150 - $175 if your local in S.Cal. Shipping would probably be close to $100 so the savings are still there, just not a much.
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