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I have this posted on another Colorado Fan Forum, however being that this is a diesel specific ZR2 forum, I thought I may have better luck here.

This kit is the same kit that is sold for the gas models. The only exception being the spring rate is heavier to carry the additional diesel's weight. It can be used on the gas model with the purchase of a lighter spring or the spring may work great with those gas models who have installed steel front bumpers and a winch.

This conversion allows the user to adjust the ride from stock height to 2.25" above stock and it allows you to adjust that driver side lean out of your truck as well. You also don't have to swap out your bump stops, nor does it cause geometry issues in your suspension like you would encounter with a spacers.

It's NIB a Peak Suspension Coil-over conversion kit (650lbs)

This kit is currently selling at Peak for over $600 plus shipping.

$450 shipped if shipping is no more than $50

Paypal payment preferred.


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