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So we've seen the Cell phone Spam, and yes I've reported it, but apparently for some mysterious reason that account, the posts made under it, and the URL in the body just seem to be loved.

And this may just be the rum me talking but I have a contribution to make...

It’s the “Just4Nutz Truck-Nards Skid Plate” – yup, you heard right, a protective skid-plate for truck nards.


First off it’s not an anti-theft device as theft is not an issue, in spite of what is claimed only a small percentage of the population actually prefers handling hot nards.


How many times have you seen nards just hanging there and thought “hmmm, in the company of the wife and kids on known pavement that’s all fine and safe but what if someone wants to go off road and explore the occasional strange rut?” Well my friend then plan on possibly having the nards yanked, whipped, slapped, spanked, exposed to vicious bug-infested underbrush, and splashed or spat upon by various moistures of the fresh and or rancid type.


Available in several sizes the “Just4Nutz Truck Nards Protector” bolts on in front of the nards to help shield them from the onslaught of forward-facing events (Note: protection is severely limited and plan on getting the nards badly banged when approached from behind so always beware of backing up).

So where can you buy your own “Just4Nutz Truck Nards Protector”? Well you can’t just yet as I’m currently fleshing this idea out (and getting the concept/idea/naming convention in public for copy-write purposes, just good think’n right there).

Other related products will be:
  • The Nutz Coat – a furry little sac to put during those cold winter months.
  • The Nutz Wet-Look Spray – Keep’em glossy with that ‘Yeah, been there done that’ look!
  • The Nutz Cleaner Wax – Nobody likes nasty nards.

Coming to an infomercial near you :)
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