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The only problem is the Americanized parts (emission system) will still be the problem.
You notice what GM has done with the 3.0 L
They combined the SCR with the DPF and they call it the SCRF mounted directly on the turbo output for maximum heat. The temperature in the SCRF is so high it burns off soot as you drive. Most of it.
And if you short trip they dump some diesel fuel into the exhaust to raise the temperature in the SCRF and are still able to burn off the soot.
There is no regen as we know it.
limited EGR (Pre and After SCRF) causes a lot more DEF usage but it seems to be worth it considering EGR carbon issues have all but been eliminated.
The LZ0 3.0 may be a real game changer in diesel reliability when saddle with emissions.
Edit there is a regen but much more efficient than other diesels
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