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Thinking Colorado

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Hello, my name is John and I live in DFW. I own a security/surveillance company. I have been looking at the Colorado Duramax as my next work vehicle. I currently drive a 2013 Jetta TDI Sportwagen. I bought this car in September of 2012. As of this post I have 310,000 miles on this car. I have always been a fan of diesels, I have owned several 7.3 IDI's, 1 Powerstroke and 1 Duramax.

Practicality and mileage swayed me to try the TDI. I have been and still am extremely impressed with this VW. It just works. I have not had any issues with this car other than routine maintenance. I have been through 9 sets of tires in the time I have owned it. About 40 oil changes, rear shocks once, timing belt and water pump once. Timing belt and water pump did not fail, again routine maintenance. To date, best damn vehicle I have ever purchased in my life. I have owned more than my fair share of vehicles.

Last week I noticed a 5 second hesitation when I put the car in gear, either forward or reverse. I cannot afford to have a vehicle down. The car qualifies for the VW buy back.

I have been looking at the CC Long Bed 2WD. The price tag scares the crap out of me. I have read the posts and threads on here. I am questioning the reliability and dependability of these new trucks.

I only paid 23,000 for the TDI and if I wasn't concerned about the transmission, I would not be looking at these trucks. To throw money at this car seems to be a waste, as well as time consuming. Time I can't afford to give to a project that size.

I really would appreciate thoughts and opinions, something real world if you will. I know these trucks will not get the 40 plus MPG I am getting with my TDI. Fact is I won't be able to replace the TDI. The Colorado seems like the 2nd best choice.
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