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I have a 2017 Colorado Crew Cab Long Bed Z71 4WD with the 2.8 L Diesel. I currently have a Winnebago Micro Minnie 2108DS, dry weight 3,900, hitch weight 410 lbs. It tows fine and gets 15 mpg while towing at around 60-65 MPH. I have an Eaz Lift Recurve R3 with adjustable sway control that works great. I'm thinking it is a little small and am looking at the Winnebago Minne 2201MB which is 4,900 dry weight and 575 hitch weight. The 2108DS is 22'5" and the 2201MB is 26'9". My question is anyone out there towing a similar trailer with the Colorado/Canyon I have described? If so, how is it doing? I would not expect to load the 2201MB with more than 1,000 lbs. so at around 6,000 is would be significantly less than the 7,700 lb. limit for my Colorado, actually around 78% of the maximum of 7,700. If you have something like this, I would be very interested in you experiences with this configuration and anyone else with just your thoughts as well. Thanks, in advance.

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I have a 2018 Canyon with 2.8l Dmax long bed 4wd. I tow a 2018 Lance 1995.
Floor Length 19'2"
Overall Length 23'8"
Exterior Width 96-3/8"
Exterior Height w/Optional 13.5M A/C 10'2"
Interior Height 78"
Gross Dry Weight 4265 Lbs.
Hitch Dry Weight 390 Lbs.
Axle Weight 3875 Lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity 1435 Lbs.
GVWR 5700 Lbs.

When completely loaded I am right at the max, and with cargo in the truck near max GCWR.
I live up in the Sierra NV mountains. I tow lots up steep grade 5% to 7%. The truck does extremely well. The trans temp get a bit high sometimes(220 / 230) when ambient temps are 90+., up hills.
I recently did a 4600 mile trip to Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Minnesota, Mt. Rushmore. Overall about 16 mpg.
When really windy the truck does work hard, when Semi passes you while you are at 60 mph and they are at 75+mph you do get some blow by action.
If I were to tow all the time, I would consider a larger truck, but my normal towing is usually less than two hours from home each way.

I use the truck as a daily driver and I drive about 40k miles per year, the highway mpg is above 30.
I got the long bed so I could get the 36 gallon Titan tank. And I believe the long bed is better for towing too.
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