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Trade offroad steps for my rectangular steps?

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Putting this out there, just in case... if anyone has those nasty ugly black off-road step bars (like the ones in the site banner up above) and wants to trade for my shiny chromy rectangular bars (crew cab size), I'd probably drive two or three states from Florida for that swap. :cool:

I thought I'd get used to the square ones, but I'm just not digging it on my dark gray critter... too shiny.
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I have the black oval/square ones and I'm in Central Florida, if your interested in swapping those.
Hey @cowboy , sorry for the slow reply. I'd definitely do that swap if you're up for it. That's quite the haul for me from Jacksonville though... it might be a month before I can get down there. we're finishing up a season at the office and won't have my breathing room for me until then. Feel free to PM if you want to start arranging it or if you're headed north any time soon... I can arrange to meet you halfway if I have enough notice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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