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In September 2016, we bought a 2016 GMC Canyon Diesel. Within roughly two weeks, at a mileage of 782, the ‘check engine’ light came on, and in rapid succession, mileage went from 55 mph, down to 20 mph, throwing both of us into our seatbelts. We limped to the dealership at 20 mph; they had the vehicle over a week, while trying to get a new Turbo diesel for the truck.

Got the Turbo put in, then on 11/25, mileage of 3,532, truck had to go back in because of oil leaks in the front – which we were told was due to the Turbo. They ordered a new Turbo, and put it in.

Had oil changed on 12/17/2016.

On 1/20/2017, took truck back to dealership because of excessive oil leak, again in front, and as of today , 1/27/2017 – we are still without a vehicle, waiting for GM to send in the parts to repair the job. Seven days without our vehicle, and the loaner is half the size, and half the price, of the new one, which is now in the garage.

For a $41,000 vehicle, not a very reliable vehicle.
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