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Hey all. I’ve posted a couple times (once an intro and once in mods) about my ZR2 and just wanted to throw some updated pics out there to anyone thinking about upgrading their lights at all!
Tire Wheel Plant Car Vehicle

as you can see in this pic, the amber turn signal is black. I used the rust oleum tint spray for this. This is two coats, as I wanted to make sure the signal remained visible.

Automotive parking light Grille Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Here is another pic of them

Atmosphere Automotive lighting Amber Headlamp Vehicle

Also upgraded LED reverse lights (can check on brand if anyone is interested) they’re very bright and help a ton if you have tints like I do.

Plant Sky Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

I also made the switch to H11 LED’s for headlights. Both in the projector and the high beams (slight pin modification for the driving lights, have to squeeze them lightly with needle nose in order for them to fit). And that makes a world of difference. Also in the bottom part of bumper are Rigid industries SRM- pro diffused (originally backup lights) but used as fogs.

Plant Sky Shade Natural landscape Grass

This is a pic with all my lights and do-dads on. Definitely pissed off a couple neighbors 😁
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