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Looking to get $150 OBO for this. I was thinking we can split the shipping cost 50/50 unless you are close to Elsberry, MO. (Hour north of St. Louis), then we can do a meet and greet for them :)

Selling my Westin HDX Drop Steps. They are for Crew Cab Canyons or Colorados. Just didn't like the look of them and have had them off of the truck for probably 3 months now sitting in my garage (had them for probably 6 months actually on the truck).

Bought them off of Rock Auto. New ones sell for $287 on there I believe (plus shipping). Have both bars, all 6 mounting brackets and the hardware.

NOTE: the last two pictures. These clips are needed to hold the brackets on. Bolt goes through the bracket and into this. Each bracket takes 2 of them. I lost 2 of them (one is still inside the frame of my truck :( ). Not sure what they are considered or if they are easy to find so just a heads up that you will need to find 2 of them to finish the install.

I believe the replacement clips you would need are a Tinnerman Standard U-nut clip. I need to verify the size though tomorrow.

Have a picture of the bars on my truck for reference.


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