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Where to tap for mechanical oil pressure gauge?

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Has anyone installed a mechanical oil pressure gauge? I would like to tap into a oil pressure galley but not into the factory oil pressure switch. There must be a oil line pipe plug somewhere on the cylinder block or head. I have tried to locate a Street Tee to tap into the port which the oil pressure sending unit is mounted. The OP sending unit has a M12X1.75 and no one, I have checked with, makes a Street Tee in that thread pitch. Spent at least 5 hours researching with no luck.
Thank you !!
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Why? The electronic one in the info center works fine.
Why? The electronic one in the info center works fine.
The reason why I want to tap into the lubrication system pressure line is to run a Amsoil By pass oil filter system. Keep the diesel lubricating oil cleaner than a gasoline engine.
Bin there done that. Had a bypass filter on my 2005 duramax. Back then it was worth it,now not so. I understand your concern. The new diesels are designed to run like this. In my opinion it's a waste of money.
When I check the engine oil on my Cummins 5.9 and then compare it's honey color to a gasoline engine it just blows people away. They are expecting to see ink black engine oil in a diesel. The look on their face is priceless !!
So I take it there is no place for a mechanical oil pressure hook up?
My 2018 canyon keeps giving me low oil pressure warnings usually at a wheel wash or on a rainy day and I think the sensor is bad. Just trying to verify
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