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Who has Diesel Colorados in stock?

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As the diesel Colorados start rolling off of the assembly line, they should start hitting dealerships.

What dealerships have them in stock?
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Champion Chevorlet in Johnson City TN has a red LT cc sb 4x4 in stock.
Molle Chevrolet in Blue Springs, MO has a Laser Blue Z71 Trail Boss Edition. It is BAD ASS!
Thanks! Thinking about buying it for myself! LOL
I love mine. I took the 2500 GMC to get a load of dock yesterday then drove the Colorado home from the shop its size and ride is great for a everyday driver.
Well its July and Inventory is Low......thats good for keeping the price if you wanted to trade your new Canyon or Colorado for a full size you probably will do real good on trading now.....Just sayin
Champion in Johnson City TN has 4 in stock.
Thats Good......Northern Illinois is Low on this Truck as of last week......the only truck I saw is the one I bought....
The dummys only order short beds don't understand
We're out right now, but yes best time to trade as crew cab LT 1500 are 20% off until the 8th
The dealer I used has sold 4 total including mine and I've only seen 1 other on a lot 30 minutes away, I have seen none on the road in the 8400 miles I've put on mine so far.
Sounds like GM et al is ready to introduce the next gen silverado/sierra judging by those incentives. The Canyon/Colorado should be safe for a couple of years.
Roseville Chevrolet in the Roseville auto mall has four on the lot ZR2 Bison that’s the Sacramento California area is your friend
That is how I found mine.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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