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Z71 wheels and Kevlar goodyears

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Anybody have any interest in factory z71 wheels with the z71 package tires which are 255/65-17 Goodyear adventure w/ Kevlar? Everything is like new, removed before 2000 miles on the truck. Located near Atlanta. $1000 will take them home. Willing to meet somebody who is relatively close in the southeast just cause I like driving this truck.

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these would look great on somebody's truck. Somebody in the southeast send me a PM with an offer.
Any offers? I would sell them separately
Price lowered, make offer, would take even lower for one of our members or someone they refer.
try cross posting the tires in a Jeep forum, or if you do an add add Jeep Wrangler in the title. These tires are basically the same that came on my 2015 Jeep I think they are one size off, but are basically the same height so they would work. I have 5 of these tires from my Jeep could never sell them and was pleasantly surprised to find that I already have my next set of tires :D
I would try selling them separately as the spare is a steel wheel that could be replaced during tire rotations. Probably a bit more work but just a thought.
Nah, but thanks for the suggestions fellow forumers.

dismounting them makes them take up much more room, and don't wanna be stuck with three. I'd rather keep the set. Somebody with a base model truck in my area will buy them sometime. I think most of the guys on here have fairly loaded trucks
I've got mine on Craigslist for $800... I actually had someone ask me if I would take $300 for them... Aaaaa... NO!!!!
I had someone ask me if I would take payments... I said yes... ONE... From your hand to mine.
And I have had WAAY too many offering to purchase my item and would gladly pay me more through Pay Pal, but they are out of town right now and would have to send a shipper. AAAAAAA NO!!!!!!!!
Stupid People!!! LOLOLOLOLOL
8 bills
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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